architecture is just,

an opportunity;

“When they asked me the meaning of imagination,said that it is a pursuit of better world… Architecture is just an oppurtunity; what matters is life and, human.”Oscar Niemeyer

Company Profile
Özgüven Architecture Inc. was founded in 2004. During the last ten years, the company has achieved tremendous amount of success, working with domestic and foreign investors, construction companies, private estate investors and government establishments. Moreover, along the way partnered with HOK, GENSLER and Perkins+Will for A+ projects in Turkey. Since 2007, Özgüven has successfully accomplished average 13 to 15 million square meters of various types of projects per year and became one of the fastest developing company nationwide.

The company currently operates with 70 multi-diciplined core staff, including planners, architects, engineers, BIM experts, building technologists and technicians governed simultaneously from İstanbul and Ankara.

Providing solutions for master plans, urban design, architectural projects and implementations within the frame of integrity, Ozguven has been working on creative, research & development based and contemporary application experiences since it was founded.

Ranging from mass housing to commercial buildings, large scale urban renewal projects to sacred architecture, Ozguven puts it’s signature off multi-perspective experience under more than 50 different projects per year.

Building sustainable environments with high standards and permanent aesthetic values that meet the requirements of today and tomorrow, Ozguven shapes its designs in the sense of creating sustainable spaces that can be evolved through the demands of its users when needed.

Expanding the limits of architecture with innovative ideas, approaches and materials, Ozguven underlines the fact that architecture is not for a certain class, but for all.

Conveying the experience to it’s staff by providing high standard working space, and attention to research and development, Ozguven aims to reflect its own culture to its designs by virtue of it’s rich potential and project portfolio, thereby becoming an expert in the international arena and having a voice in different parts of the world.

Environmental Policy
Our firm’s management, aiming to minimalize the environmental effect of all of our activities from the principle of “RESPECT FOR ENVIRONMENT”, will always be sensitive and careful on the subject of not damaging environment and will seek for the ways to protect natural resources.

It accepts and undertakes to develop continually Environmental Management System which we founded, and provide training for all of our employees in order to prevent environmental pollution, to ensure the continuity of training, to obey the legislation in force relevant to environment and administrative arrangements, and other conditions which it is subjected to per se.
Our Quality Policy
* To ensure the continuity of the firm’s reputation.

* To monitor scientific and technological developments in order to increase quality level.

* To develop and to apply management for company with high standards.

* To ensure the participation of all employees to the total quality.

* To admit right, efficient, profitable ideas come out with knowledgeable, experienced brain power, as a company quality principle.

* To meet service expectation with ultimate quality and to ensure satisfaction.

* To respect the environment.
Health And Safety Policy
While conducting its activities with optimum quality basing on the “HEALTH AND SAFETY COME FIRST” principle, it undertakes the protection of occupational health and safety of employees and to ensure the following particulars in order to improve the work environment continually;

* To ensure annihilating of occupational health and safety risks by taking measures beforehand,

* To ensure continuous improvement in OHS matters,

* To obey the legislation in force relevant to OSH, administrative arrangements and the rules of the institutions which we are a member of,

* To provide training in order to make both direct company employees and subcontract employees benefited from conscious about the individual OHS,

* To review OSH periodically in order to maintain conformity with the conditions,

* To share OSH experiences mutually with public and private sector institutions with the aim of ensuring the continuous development of Occupational Health and Safety.
We started our jounery by finding answer of the question of how better world which is empowered by better liveable envirment would be ?

Inspiration which stems from our past and cultural values sheds on lights design of today’s structures that pave the way for better human life and environment.

We have a great oppurtunity of living in same country with Mimar Sinan who never has impossiblities in his character, which provide us to utilize his boundless experience. Owing to his boundless experience, we know that there can not be an architecture understanding which does not internalize human life, environment, social life, economy and even anthropology , psychology, sociology and philosophy in its formula. That is why we embrace holistic approach in our works

We bring past to today by modernizing it with the disciplined approach that we consider as a legacy,

We know the fact that the work that we process has a responsibility towards the geography that we live and the history that we come through. In this respect, we do not forget that next generations has a right to live in this world.

That is why, our endless ambition to looking for perfection will never end…

Great respect to everyone that walk with us in this way with their ideas and endeavor..


Istanbul Office :

Valikonağı Caddesi No:4 Florya
phone +90 212 599 89 89 (PBX)
fak +90 212 599 72 22

Ankara Office :

Oran Mahallesi Rafet
Canıtez Caddesi No:86
ORAN (06450) /ANKARA
phone +90 312 447 42 62 (PBX)
fak +90 312 447 07 77

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